Hello! I’m Shayna and I have over 15 years of experience helping brands express themselves through print and web design and creative strategy.

My agency experience includes working at the boutique design firm Iridium Group and renowned hospitality and lifestyle PR firm, Bullfrog & Baum, both in New York City. At Bullfrog, I created and led the design team as Art Director and worked with brands and clients such as Bobby Flay, Chantecaille, Cynar, Iron Chef and Laurent Tourondel.

I moved to Denver, Colorado in 2012 and co-founded a small invitation design company called Alfie Cooper while freelancing various projects for Kidecals, ACE Scholarships and other local budding businesses. Shortly after establishing myself in Denver, I co-founded Band of Mothers, a production company with a wildly popular live touring show, a podcast, an online marketplace, an app and a highly engaged social media platform, with the role of Chief Creative Officer.

Currently, I help podcasters, community builders and businesses who not only want to level-up their visual identities, but who also want creative solutions to antiquated/negative social spaces. I have always been an “idea (wo)man” and I’m passionate about helping people grow their projects and communicate their visions in the best ways they can.

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